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Jim Eastep from Oklahoma

 I want to thank you for making my wife smile so big. We were on web cam when flowers arrived, and the smile I got upon delivery was priceless. She was not expecting it and when you called before delivery she said to me, ok JD what did you go and do.

Thank you for the help in keeping our love alive.

Ai Ling from KL

 Thank you so much sebastian. My mom is very happy with the flowers.

Beautifully wrapped. Good work:) - best regards, ailing

Huai Tze from Singapore

 tks very much sebastian, very pleased with the outcome :-)

ruqayyah from Kelantan

 hai..tq for the delivery...it was very beautiful.

but I would like to comment bout the delivery service..your delivery man called my mum's home to ask for direction n she picked up the phone which was quite a disappointment for us as we want her to be surprised when she received it rather than knowing it in the phone...its sooo anticlimax..
i suggest that you call the sender rather than the recepient of the bouquet to ask for the direction..


Florence from Singapore

 I heard that the delivery even had a piece of cake to accompany the flowers. Thank you so much for making mother's day a little more special and that little added surprise was pleasant indeed.


We will most definitely utilise Isabelle Florist if we ever need to make another delivery in Penang. Thank you for your impeccable service.




Zaimah from Auckland

 Thanks very much for your email.
I do appreciate that you could deliver on the same day even with the short  notice me. Great job...
The message from my mum...yeahh...she's funny and quite materialistic sometimes..ha.ha...
She must says...
"....there're lots of flower in kampung too....i wish zaimah credited few bucks on my account...that's better..."

Marcel Geutjes from Netherlands

 Thanks a lot for the good service, we heard that the birthday girl was very happy with the flowers. We are going to keep your contact details for future services.


Best regards

 Marcel Geutjes

Mala from Shah Alam

 Dear Sebastian and the team at Isabell Florist


 Thank you very much for the great service..my grandmother, Nani, loved the flowers, cake and chocolates!!


 All the best and warm regards,


Gareth Jones from Penang

 Dear sir/ madam.

I am extremely annoyed and disppointed by your service. I chose to surprise my wife with some flowers and when it was a problem to deliver you phoned *her *instead of *me *thus destroying any sense of surprise when she's called up and asked where she would like the flowers delivered. You are not delivering refrigerators, this is a present and surprise service and my gift was ruined by this idiocy. Do you not have a policy to call the sender? If not you really neeed to consider it because I'm afraid I cannot recommend your service to anyone as you don't seem to understand the business your are in.

 Gareth Jones.



Dear Gareth Jones,

 Thanks for your feedback. First, i have to apologize to your dissatisfaction. To help you understand more about the way we deliver, from the time table that we stated in the website, before 10am is for after lunch delivery but the time we received your order it has been after the cut off time. We are assuming every customer read and understand before making any order. I was worrying customer didn't aware of this and that is the reason i purposely put the notes at the centre of the home page. We are so sorry to call before delivery because we really had no idea to reach the recipient's after office hour. We have a special note field in the shopping cart but found there is no surprise needed instruction on it. 

Our company may revise some rules and policy soon on the delivery team as during day time we seen a lot of difficulty. Once again, thanks for your valuable feedback and appreciate.



Dear Sebastian.

 Thanks, now I understand it's my fault for not specifiying a 'surprise'

in special intructions. I didn't realise most people in Penang send flowers to themselves. I must be strange in that I don't pre-arrange gifts to be sent. Sorry for being a weird customer who tought that most gifts are not announced in advance. Next time I will advise my wife in advance that I am buying her flowers, maybe I should bill her too.

 Thank you for your insight. Don't bother replying I have already announced on my Facebook and Twitter that you don't apply logic to your business and to go elsewhere. It isn't an apology when you spend the rest of the paragraph telling me I am a moron for not understanding your instructions.



 A customer with learning difficulties.

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