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Shien Junus from Australia :

Thank you so much for the service you have provided me, I am truly impressed. I rang my girlfriend this afternoon and she is very happy about the flower bouquet and the cake she can't stop saying thank you , thanks to you!
I found out about Isabell Florist through the search engine (yahoo.com). That day I was searching for online florist to order a flower bouquet for my girlfriend's birthday that was coming in less than a week. It was very stressful because I live in Australia and she is in Penang and there was only 6 days left before her birthday. There are some other florists listed too but it's either they only accept order through phone or they don't accept credit card payment. 
 Then I got stumbled upon Isabell Florist's website. I saw you have great range of flower bouquet, it all looks beautiful. Then I saw you accept online order as well as credit card payment. Bingo! My only worry was whether you could help me with the cake so I went to click the customer helpdesk to tell you my trouble, which apparently got handled very well. Great communication you have there Chris, excellent! 
 Your website is just great, it's simple and user-friendly but still looks professional with great pictures of the flower arrangements. Only a small suggestion from me, it could use a little description about the flower arrangement, eg: what kind of flower do you use for that specific arrangement, what are the available color, how many flowers are there in that specific arrangement, what other complementary that comes with the arrangement (eg. teddy bear, chocolate, etc), etc. Of course with the use of words that could lure customers like me.  Also I could not find any contact number or address of your business in the website, just in case if other people would like to drop by and deal with your business directly. (maybe one day I'll come down to Penang and would like to snatch a bouquet in a rush? 
I could say that I was being very demanding, I had my order customized with extra bits of demand (the additional birthday cake that is not actually offered through the website, the delivery time, the color preference, the amount of roses) and yet you succeeded to cater to my needs attentively, well done.
The only small problem I encountered was during the payment where my card appeared to have a problem so I went through all the payment process again for several times and apparently my card actually got charged three times. But I went to inform you about this and you were very adept and quickly fix the problem. It was not a big deal.
A great appreciation I put up for you Chris and Isabell Florist, for providing me with a very helpful and attentive service. I'm very impressed.
 With gratitude from one very happy customer,

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