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I am fine with everything except the flowers did not turn out as shown in the photo above.

Thank God my friends love the alternative sent..

I also like most of your arrangement, and I would certainly use Isabell again for my needs in Penang.

 Best Regards,

 Datin Jennifer Chuan


Interviewed Sheng Yeen Low

1. What do you think about Isabell Florist, in terms of website, shopping experience, payment and services? 

Ans: The shopping experience is great. I found what I want shortly. Pleasant experience.

2. Are you satisfied with the product that has been delivered? 

Ans: Absolutely yes! The flowers are awesome and my gf likes it so much!

3. Do you have any improvement suggestion to Isabell Florist?

Ans: Hmm the only thing that is not that perfect (maybe is my own mistake too), calls are made to my gf before delivery and surprise gone. But nevermind. It is still great!



I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your timely delivery of the flowers that I purchased and I would also inform you that my wife is very pleased with them. I am outstation in Dubai and she sent me a photograph and they look great!

Thanks again!





Dear sir/ madam.

I am extremely annoyed and disppointed by your service. I chose to surprise my wife with some flowers and when it was a problem to deliver you phoned *her *instead of *me *thus destroying any sense of surprise when she's called up and asked where she would like the flowers delivered. You are not delivering refrigerators, this is a present and surprise service and my gift was ruined by this idiocy. Do you not have a policy to call the sender? If not you really neeed to consider it because I'm afraid I cannot recommend your service to anyone as you don't seem to understand the business your are in.

Yours, Gareth Jones.





Thanks very much for your email. 

I do appreciate that you could deliver on the same day even with the short  notice me. Great job...

The message from my mum...yeahh...she's funny and quite materialistic sometimes..ha.ha...

She must says...

"....there're lots of flower in kampung too....i wish zaimah credited few bucks on my account...that's better..." 





I want to thank you for making my wife smile so big. We were on web cam when flowers arrived, and the smile I got upon delivery was priceless. She was not expecting it and when you called before delivery she said to me, ok JD what did you go and do.

Thank you for the help in keeping our love alive.





hai..tq for the delivery...it was very beautiful.

but I would like to comment bout the delivery service..your delivery man called my mum's home to ask for direction n she picked up the phone which was quite a disappointment for us as we want her to be surprised when she received it rather than knowing it in the phone...its sooo anticlimax..

i suggest that you call the sender rather than the recepient of the bouquet to ask for the direction..






Thank you so much sebastian. My mom is very happy with the flowers.

Beautifully wrapped. Good work:) - best regards, ailing




Dear Sebastian and the team at Isabell Florist

Thank you very much for the great service..my grandmother, Nani, loved the flowers, cake and chocolates!!

All the best and warm regards,




Mustafa from India.:

I saw the testimonials on your website and thought of writing one for you guys as well. 

This afternoon when I realised that it was my best friends sister's birthday I desperately needed to send her something that would make her smile. Being from India I'm not too familiar with roads and places in Penang. So I did the next best thing - look at Google maps and try a find a florist close to their house. Thats when I reached this page of Isabell florist. I realised that you guys needed to be told 24 hours in advance to make a delivery possible. I called Sebastian and explained the situation to him. Much to my surprise, Sebastian totally understood my situation and promised to make the delivery by 9:30 at night..If I thought that was the end of great service I was wrong.. He called me promptly at 9:00pm to let me know that my flowers and teddy bear had been delivered.. A little later I got a call from my friends sis and just hearing the tone of her voice told me how thrilled she was. Thanks a ton Isabell florist for being so efficient and providing outstanding cutomer service. I will make sure that if I will only use your services for any future gift deliveries and make sure that they are better planned in future :))


Zhenying from Adelaide :

Your service is prompt and good. Maybe you can send a delivery report when the goods are delivered and received. 


Shien Junus from Australia :

Thank you so much for the service you have provided me, I am truly impressed. I rang my girlfriend this afternoon and she is very happy about the flower bouquet and the cake she can't stop saying thank you , thanks to you!

I found out about Isabell Florist through the search engine (yahoo.com). That day I was searching for online florist to order a flower bouquet for my girlfriend's birthday that was coming in less than a week. It was very stressful because I live in Australia and she is in Penang and there was only 6 days left before her birthday. There are some other florists listed too but it's either they only accept order through phone or they don't accept credit card payment. 

Then I got stumbled upon Isabell Florist's website. I saw you have great range of flower bouquet, it all looks beautiful. Then I saw you accept online order as well as credit card payment. Bingo! My only worry was whether you could help me with the cake so I went to click the customer helpdesk to tell you my trouble, which apparently got handled very well. Great communication you have there Chris, excellent! 

Your website is just great, it's simple and user-friendly but still looks professional with great pictures of the flower arrangements. Only a small suggestion from me, it could use a little description about the flower arrangement, eg: what kind of flower do you use for that specific arrangement, what are the available color, how many flowers are there in that specific arrangement, what other complementary that comes with the arrangement (eg. teddy bear, chocolate, etc), etc. Of course with the use of words that could lure customers like me. Also I could not find any contact number or address of your business in the website, just in case if other people would like to drop by and deal with your business directly. (maybe one day I'll come down to Penang and would like to snatch a bouquet in a rush? 

I could say that I was being very demanding, I had my order customized with extra bits of demand (the additional birthday cake that is not actually offered through the website, the delivery time, the color preference, the amount of roses) and yet you succeeded to cater to my needs attentively, well done.

The only small problem I encountered was during the payment where my card appeared to have a problem so I went through all the payment process again for several times and apparently my card actually got charged three times. But I went to inform you about this and you were very adept and quickly fix the problem. It was not a big deal.

A great appreciation I put up for you Chris and Isabell Florist, for providing me with a very helpful and attentive service. I'm very impressed.

With gratitude from one very happy customer, 


Peter Geluk from Australia: 

I found Isabell Florist web site on Google I Google penang florist and Isabell came up .thought web extremely good and appealing '. your service is excellent I would like to thank you great service my wife and Louise Buckley were very taken by your attention thank for sending me photo of my wife corrie and Louise .Think great idea .do not change anything Would recommend Isabell anytime to all my friends .again thank for you'd great service and attention it was terrific doing business with you . 


Winnie from Czech Republic:

I'm truly impressed by the mode of payment used. PayPal is very convenient and there are very few websites from Malaysia which uses this form of payment. I had a really bad experience with bank transfer when trying to get some cake delivery done in Penang. Isabel Florist was very prompt with delivery and they even delivered the flowers ahead of the scheduled time! It is easy to navigate through the website and the form for order was rather neat and organized. As for service, what else can a say except do give yourself a pat on the shoulder! Kudos to Isabel Florist!