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About Order

1. How do I place an order?
You have two ways to place an order.
First way, you can click the "Add cart" button on each flower that you would like to order. Then a new shopping cart with the added flower is placed. You can change the quantity and select the deliver area. If you have discount coupon or gift voucher, you can click on the recalculate button to update the total price. After that, click on the "Goto Payment" button and you will see a form where you need to fill up all the details. Please note that you must fill in the bold details . Then click on the "Continue" button to proceed. Double check all the details and select the payment method. Finally, after the payment is done. Your order will be successfully placed.
Second way, goto the main page, you will see the "view cart" . Click on it. A shopping form will be populated. Fill up all the details, please state the product name or product code. If you wish to order more than one product, you can list them by seperated with comma. After all the details are filled, please click on the "Submit" button. When we receive the order, we will review it and issue you the payment details.


2. Can I have more than one items in my shopping list?
Yes. You can add more items by returning to the Isabell Florist website.


3., I would like to go after 1 girl in Penang, and i plan to buy her flower every Monday. what i mean is long term, let say 1 year. Any rebate or discount if i buy your service & products for long term?
Yes, please email your request to us and we will try offer you the best price.


About Payment

1. How do I make payment?
After you fill up the shopping cart details, you will see the following option:

  • Bank Transfer - After we receive your order, we will send you the bank details. You need to make the payment prior to the delivery date/time.
  • Credit Card - Please fill up your credit card detail for verification, we will send you an invoice once we receive your order. You need to pay through the invoice link prior to the delivery date/time.
  • Paypal - After we receive your order, we will send you our paypal account. Please note that the paypal transaction is based on US Dollars currency. The payment will be issue according to the currency exchange on that day.


2. Is my payment secure?
Your details are 100% Guarantee secured. We will keep customer's detail as confidential and we will not disclose customer's information.


3. Can I refund if I cancel the order?
You can only cancel the order 24 hours prior to the delivery date/time.


4. Payment Gateway & Security
We are using Molpay as our payment solution provider and "MOLPay" name will be shown on cardholders' statement. 

MOLPay protects your personal data against unauthorised access, use or disclosure. All internet communication is secured using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology with high security 256bit encryption.

MOLPay is complied with PCI Data Security Standard & the following security features:

  • Antivirus software and hardware
  • Hardware firewall
  • DoS Attack Prevention
  • 3D-Secure Compliance ("Verified by Visa" (by Visa) and "MasterCard SecureCode" (by MasterCard))

However, you are advised to follow certain security practices yourself. You must never share your Account or login details with anyone. If you are concerned that any of your login details have been compromised, you can change them any time you like once you are logged on, and immediately contact our Customer Services.



About Delivery

1. Is the delivery fee FOC?
Yes, All items are free delivery to penang, bukit mertajam, prai, butterworth, juru, except Sungai Petani and Kulim.


2. What if I want to deliver to those out of the available places?
If you would like to deliver to the places which are out of penang, bukit mertajam, prai, butterworth, seberang jaya, sungai petani, tambun, kulim, please inform us at order[at]isabellflorist.com or fill up the cart here 2 days before the delivery date.


3. Can i come to shop and self collect??
Sure, Kindly order earlier as we can prepare the arrangement for your collection time.

4. I was thinking if you could assist me to deliver something (a cake) over to him tomorrow for his birthday.
Cake products will be available soon..


About Flower

1. What kind of flowers are available in Isabell Florist ?
Please see our
flower type table in order to choose those which are not shown in our shopping cart.


2. I want to give flower to my love one, but I don't know what should I prepare?
You just need to add the flower into the cart and fill up the details. We provide free card for your message attached. If you have any extra request, please state down in the request field in the shopping cart form. We try our best service to fulfil your request.


3. Are those flowers similar as pictures?
Well, frankly speaking , all the pictures are no doubt being processed with professional photography skills and photoshop image processing skills. However, our florists are well trained in terms of years of experience and they are able to make bouquet arrangement at an average above 70% similarity.


4. Will the items different with what I have ordered?
Sometimes, when the flowers' color are selling insufficiently or in a situation lack of supply. The flowers' color will be altered automatically to another closest color. It is same as the wrapping paper and we will replace to the closest one. Vases and baskets may be replaced time to time due to badges concern. However, we guarantee to provide the equal quality products.


5. Do you have Purple/Blue roses?
No.Currently we do not provide Purple /Blue Roses. 


6. Do you have Tulips? Do you have any Tulip pictures in shopping cart?
No, We do not provide Tulips. Tulip is difficult to keep fresh so if there is any nonfresh or imperfect circumstances, we are not responsible on that.