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Shipping & Returns

Due to effective delivery, There will be no refund for the orders as following:-

  1. Address given by sender is wrong or incomplete  and cause delivery team cannot locate recipients, so orders could not be sent successfully.
  2. There is no recipient contact number given by the sender especially mobile phone number, and no one is at home at time of delivery. Our delivery team cannot contact through the recipient and nobody at shipping location can receive on behalf.
  3. The recipient has moved house or moved office and cannot be contacted.
  4. The recipient switches off her/his handphone or not answering our call within 24 hours , while the recipient home or office location is very difficult to be located.
  5. The recipient refuses to accept the flowers or gifts due to having own personal problem with the sender.
  6. The recipient stays in a condominium and the guard does not allow driver to go in and does not want to receive the flowers on behalf of recipient.
  7. If the recipient request us to deliver in certain time which does not mentioned by sender and the delivery team cannot meet the specify time.

Order For Wreaths/Sympathy Flowers
For all orders for wreaths or sympathy flowers, the delivery time MUST be stated clearly in your order, For common sense and experience, it should be delivered as soon as possible after the order is made. Please note that the flower will be delivery within 24 hours after the order is made. Sometimes it may be fast delivery but if there are too many orders are queuing, we will treat them first come first deliver.  If the order is too late and causes the flowers are delivered only after the funeral, we are not hold responsible to make any refunds or cancellations.

As our products are mostly perishable, please revert as soon as possible if there is a problem. All refund request will be dealt on a case by case basis.

For any Compalint and Feedback, please email us or contact us within 24 hours after delivery.  Since the product is fresh flowers, there will be totally no refund or investigation to be carried out after 48 hours

For refunds to customers due to the customers' themselves cancelling the orders before we had arranged the flower, we have a transaction charge of 20% of the purchase price.